Sooner world outreach ministries INTL, is a network ministry founded by Gods Servant Rev Evangelist Stanley Okere is not a choice but a call of responsibility who's foundation is God. It Is not a church but an organization made up with group of people who are passionate about the lost souls and the kingdom of God, who love the word and wants to do the work of God.
( SWM) Mission: is to preach and prepare all people for the coming of the Lord, To go from place to place organising crusade, revival, conference and seminar, Baptizing those who believe in the name of Jesus Christ , reason an altar for the worship of God, conducting a community libration and deliverance service.
Our goal and target: is to reach out every community village and city's where our service are need as soon as possible if Christ tarries. (SWM) is not limited to any area or particular people but goes every where as occasion demands and it value and respect hands of fellowship. It also promotes and teach about human rights.


Pastor Stanley Okere O

Pastor Mrs Stanley

Online Services

Tuesday: Miracle alive Service - Time : 11 : 30 am
Fridays: Prophetic and Deliverance Service - Time : 11 : 30 am
"The power of God is unlimited it goes beyond measures, it can reach where ever you are? whether at home, office etc."